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We help our clients thrive in a connected world with products, services and platforms that transform the consumer experience.


We’ll be your consulting partners, from a Digital Marketing and Tech perspective. Our Goal is to help you create the products and services you have in mind. 


As we prepare to bring the product or service to market, we execute a combination of design, development and content creation to make it real. 

Hello, nice to meet you.
It’s George and Jad here

We’ll be your guides along the way.

What They’re Saying

“Having been their clients for more than a year, Pixi Interactive never fail to impress us with their creativity and passion. Their whole team makes you feel as if they are one of your team, and they portray our concept exactly the way we perceive ourselves ”

Raya SakrMarketing Coordinator, Shtrumpf

“Partnering with Pixi Interactive helped us pass from sight to insight in the communication world.”

Mark MoudaberFounder, Lord of the Wings

“Pixi Interactive Recognized as Sharp's authorized developer for the successful launch of SHARP CE MEA application. ”

Zahid RahmanGeneral Manager - Sharp CE MEA

Trusted Business Partner

Some Certificates we’ve earned

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Ready to set sail into your digital future?


 We are led by our desire to produce great work, our love for life, people, and possibilities.

Our drive is to lift brands beyond the noise.

We believe that the world we live in is not yet what it ought to be, and that the best and most meaningful work is on the pathway toward that reconciliation.

We actually give a s***!

We really care about how fast it takes your product to hit the market.